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Andrea Station manager | Head instructor
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Special offer:
Season 2024
Limited offer10%

Private Kitesurf Lessons in Lo Stagnone Learn kitesurfing in the most efficient way in Sicily with us

Perfect teaching area
Flat and shallow water, uncrowded area
Experienced Instructor
over 1000 hours of teaching
IKO Level 2 certified
Amazing feedbacks
100% satisfied students
Accommodation nearby
Stay within a walking distance

All our lessons include

IKO certification
Wetsuit or lycra
Complete kitegear
Helmet and lifevest
Lessons with radio
Special offer
"Season 2024"
On any booking made before 31/01/2023
Limited offer
An instructor for yourself
5.0 (59 reviews)
min. 1 hour of lessons
Any level
Want to learn Kitesurfing as fast as possible ? Get private kitesurfing lessons with us in our lagoon. Learn as quickly and safely as possible, with 1 to 1 lessons and a highly experienced instructor who will always be by your side.
Flexibly schedule your hours every day
Private lessons 1 to 1
All equipment and insurance included
Experienced instructor (over 1000 hours of teaching)
IKO certification included
Radio communication
Flat and shallow lagoon
Special offer
"Season 2024"
On any booking made before 31/01/2023
Limited offer
Become an independent kitesurfer
5.0 (35 reviews)
2 days of lessons
Body drag / Water start
Already did some kitesurfing lessons?It's time to finish your training and become an independent kitesurfer.
3 hours of lessons in 2 days
Intensive, learn as fast as possible
Private lessons 1 to 1
Experienced instructor (over 1000 hours of teaching)
IKO certification included
Radio communication
Flat and shallow lagoon

Private lessons are the most efficient path to progress.

In our one-on-one course, you'll have a dedicated instructor by your side at all times, focusing exclusively on your development.

Moreover, learning in the optimal conditions of our lagoon will enable you to achieve independence quickly.

Why choose Kite Me Up?

  • Experienced certified instructors
    Our team has years of experience in the water. We all know and love what we do.
  • Lessons available in multiple languages
  • All gear included We provide everything you need: helmet, wetsuit, neoprene shoes and more
  • You only pay for the hours you do We attach a great importance to being flexible and honest, you only pay for the time you spend learning
  • Technological approach Video analysis, radio instructions, and more
  • Instructor by yourside in the water We find that lessons with the instructor by your side creates more confidence and helps the student to achieve faster results
  • Brand new Kites for the upcoming 2023 Season We have new Ozone® and Duotone® school kites, specially built for teaching
  • IKO certification included After each lesson, we give you the IKO certification that enables you to display your riding level and rent gear anywhere and anytime
  • Flexibility We adapt to your schedule and the wind conditions. Lessons times can be adjusted the day before and we do our best to match everybody's needs
Drone shots
Drones video shots are perfect to check your overall technique with your kite and body position.
It's not only a useful teaching guidance, but also a fantastic video souvenir that you can share with your friends and family back home.
Depending on wind conditions
Extra + 30€ per 30 minutes of drone shot
Video Analysis
Our instructors are equipped with an action cam in the water and record you during certain exercises.
In selected parts of the course, like water start or riding upwind, a debriefing on-land with the help of a video recording of you doing the exercises can be a great level booster.
Included in every course
Radio supervision
Communication is the key. Even though your instructor is in the water with you all the time, you are in two-ways contact receiving clear instructions.
Included in every course

FAQ about lessons

Take your kitesurfing skills to the next level with professional lessons
How many lesson's hour do I need?
Completely Beginner students usually need between 6 and 9 hours to start renting with supervision from the school
Progression speed can vary widely among students and we always adapt to people.
If, for example, I choose a 9 hours package and I end up doing 6 hours and a half of lessons, how much will I pay?
We never charge our clients for hours they didn't spend learning and our hours can even be fractionalized. If you end up doing fewer hours than planned, maybe because you are learning faster than expected, we calculate the hourly rate that corresponds to the offer you can get, and multiply by the amount of hours that you actually did (in this case, for 6 hours and a half, we multiply by 6,5)
If I can't complete my hours due to weather conditions, am I loosing my hours?
We never make you pay for hours that you didn't complete.
Am I insured during my lessons?
All our students are insured with OPES ITALIA.
Our insurance policy covers up to 80.000€ in medical or damages expenses.
Insurance policy detailled
I heard that kitesurfing is a dangerous sport, is it true?
Kitesurfing is a relatively safe sport if taught in the right way.
Our certified instructors teach you using IKO or VDWS safety standards, meaning that you receive full knowledge of the gear's security systems and total control of the kite at all time.

We use modern kites and bars, and the appropriate set-up responding to wind conditions.
Getting lifted out of the water into the air is almost impossible if you know what you do and this is what we teach you.
What should I bring with me for my kitesurfing lesson?
We will provide all the kite equipment, including wetsuit or lycra, life jacket and helmet.
Bring waterproof sun protection cream and sun glasses (possibly with a leash).
To have the best possible results, have a restful night and a healthy meal before your lessons.
Do I need to be sporty to learn kitesurfing?
No need to be very sporty, but good health conditions are required.
Even though you can always touch the bottom in the lagoon, having a good swimming level is required.