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Two-persons Beginner Package 3 days Semi-Private kitesurf lessons

5.0 ( 59 reviews )

This package include

3 days (6 hours) of Intensive Semi-Private Kitesurf Lessons
Day 1: Kitesurf Theory > Kite control > Body drags
Day 2: Steady pull > Water start
Day 3: Riding Upwind
Next: Supervised rental or Additional lessons hours if needed
IKO certification
Complete kite gear
Complete protections


Want to learn kitesurfing together with a partner, friend, or family member?Two-persons lessons offer a convivial and fun way to learn together.

This package offers you the opportunity to embark on a beginner's lesson together. Experience personalized instruction from our seasoned and skilled IKO-certified instructors in a semi-private course. This format ensures that both of you will receive the instructor's undivided attention throughout the entire session.

Learning kitesurfing in this manner is both enjoyable and less tiring, as you'll be sharing a kite between the two of you. When one person is flying the kite, the other has a chance to rest and observe, making the learning process continuous and effective.

Choosing Kite Me Up for your kitesurfing adventure guarantees a joyful and efficient learning experience. Our dedicated and enthusiastic instructors are committed to ensuring that every student enjoys an exceptional experience. Moreover, our location, Lo Stagnone di Marsala in Sicily, is ideally suited for learners. The lagoon offers flat and shallow waters, enabling students to stand anywhere within the teaching zone and receive constant guidance from their instructor.

The winds in Lo Stagnone are gentle to moderately strong, providing students with the confidence and ideal conditions to fly kites safely.

Can we switch to private lesson ? If you're considering a transition to a completely private course, we are flexible and ready to accommodate your needs. Should you decide to switch to individual private lessons at any point, we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

TYPETwo-persons semi-private lesson
SPOTLo Stagnone di Marsala, Sicily / Flat lagoon
DURATION6 hours in 2 or 3 days, extra hours possible (45€ per hour and per person)
STEPSTheory, Kite control, Body drags, steady pull, water start, riding upwind
LANGUAGEfr, it, eng or de
EQUIPMENTfull kitegear, helmet with radio, impact vest, water resistant sun glasses
CERTIFICATIONIKO certification delivered at the end of the course
NOW € 267 , € 297 per person
NOW € 267 , € 297 per person
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FAQ about lessons

How many lesson's hour do I need?
Completely Beginner students usually need between 6 and 9 hours to start renting with supervision from the school Progression speed can vary widely among students and we always adapt to people.
If, for example, I choose a 9 hours package and I end up doing 6 hours and a half of lessons, how much will I pay?
We never charge our clients for hours they didn't spend learning and our hours can even be fractionalized. If you end up doing fewer hours than planned, maybe because you are learning faster than expected, we calculate the hourly rate that corresponds to the offer you can get, and multiply by the amount of hours that you actually did (in this case, for 6 hours and a half, we multiply by 6,5)
If I can't complete my hours due to weather conditions, am I loosing my hours?
We never make you pay for hours that you didn't complete.
Am I insured during my lessons?
All our students are insured with OPES ITALIA. Our insurance policy covers up to 80.000€ in medical or damages expenses. Insurance policy detailled
I heard that kitesurfing is a dangerous sport, is it true?
Kitesurfing is a relatively safe sport if taught in the right way.
Our certified instructors teach you using IKO or VDWS safety standards, meaning that you receive full knowledge of the gear's security systems and total control of the kite at all time.

We use modern kites and bars, and the appropriate set-up responding to wind conditions.
Getting lifted out of the water into the air is almost impossible if you know what you do and this is what we teach you.
Can I change my order after placing it?
You can change your order within 24 hours of placing it.